University of Nairobi (UON)


University of Nairobi

Brief Description    

The School of Economics (SoE) of UON has the largest pool of economists in Kenya and in East Africa, with an academic staff establishment of more than fifty. The School of Public Health (SPHUN) (formerly the Department of Community Health) trains high level health care human resource, provides services and conducts research in public health. The School has 17 academic staff drawn from a wide range of public health with multidisciplinary specializations and competences that includes clinical sciences, behavioural sciences, public health nutrition, health economics and policy development, health systems management, environmental and occupational health, demography and population studies, epidemiology and Biostatistics, among others. The main tasks of the two participating institutions at the UON include: providing specialized training in economics, training high level health care human resource, and conducting research in public health, research in economics and policy development, health systems management, and analysis of epidemiological and, behavioural public health issues.

Main Tasks

Consortium partner and Work package leader

Previous Experience       

The staff of UON has country and regional experience in training and research. Successful implementation of the project based on the proposed design will create a sustainable pool of capacity to harness existing and generate new evidence on SDH for use for policy and public health interventions.


Staff Profiles

Joseph K. Wang’ombe


Joseph is a Professor of Health Economics in the DCH with more than 20 years experience. His research focuses on health care financing, management and administration of micro and macro health services delivery systems.


Germano Mwabu


Germano is a Professor in Health Economics in the SoE. He has extensive experience in teaching and conducting research at the national and international levels: Yale University, Rockefeller Postdoctoral Fellow, 1993-96; World Institute for Development Economics Research, United Nations University, Senior Research Fellow and Co-Director of Public Goods Project, 1996-97; Cornell Food and Nutrition Policy Program, Cornell University: Research Associate, 1998; Gothenburg University, Kenya Poverty Project Leader.




MBChB, MPH, PhD (Tropical Medicine)
Dismas is a Public Health Physician currently working as a Senior Lecturer Diseases Prevention and Control, Consultant Epidemiologist, facilitator on Integrated Disease Surveillance and Response (IDSR).


Peter K. Njoroge

Peter is a Public Health Physician and currently working as a Medical Co-ordinator, Long Term and Permanent Contraception, Family Planning Programme, Division of Family Health, Ministry of Health.


M Kioko Urbanus

MA (Economics), MPhil. (Health Economics) PhD in Economics                          
Kioko is a lecturer at the UON. His areas of interest include: health policy, health financing, efficiency and cost analysis. Kioko has several years of experience in quantitative research and in economic analysis using econometric/statistical tools.