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Public Health School and Institute of Social and Preventive Medicine
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The Public Health School and the Institute of Social and Preventive Medicine are part of the Department of social and community health of the Faculty of medicine of the University of Geneva; it is in charge of conducting research, training programmes and services in public health, especially in the area of community health, international health, human rights and ethics. Main topics include:

  • Research: health prevention, health promotion and population health, health technology, gender differences, health inequities, human rights and right to health, ethics. Activities cover both local community health research, national policy and health systems planning and evaluation, collaboration in European research (e.g. Eurofamcare, BRAID, AAL, etc) to collaboration in international projects (e.g. research ethics or ageing with WHO).
  • Training: a pre-graduate programme for medical students as well as a post graduate curriculum training doctors, health professionals as well as professionals linked to the health business. Main post-graduate programmes: community health, human rights and health, master of advanced study in public health. E-learning programmes are currently running with Africa on “Health and Human Rights” and with WHO on “International Health Regulation”.
Main Tasks


Previous Experience       

The proposed program would fit well into some of Institute’s ongoing training and research programme in Public Health and Health Systems and e-training, capacity development, knowledge management, etc. The Institute will offer a vast network of competencies both in the University and in the International collaborative network it has established as much with WHO as with other UN organizations.


Staff Profiles

Astrid Stuckelberger

Picture of Astrid Stuckelberger



  • PhD (Determinants of Health), MAS and MSc in psychology and education, candidate Privat-Docent at the Faculty of Medicine
  • Senior researcher and lecturer in public health at the Faculty of Medicine of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Geneva. Wrote 5 books and more than 100 articles and reports.
  • United Nations and EU: Expert in health-related research/policy at the United Nations, in the EU, Council of Europe and at the national level (some of the main topics: gender, ageing, life course, technology, etc.).
  • Chair, NGO committee on ageing and vice-chair of the committee on the Status of Women at the United Nations Geneva.
  • WHO research: expert for mental health policy review, expert on ageing, member of the WHO Ethics Research Committee for 2  terms. Co-directed the project Casebook on Ethics in International Health Research.  WHO training: Responsible of emergency management, health systems, communication and human rights for the online course with WHO on International Health Regulations.
  • Intl board member of APA  Society for Psychological Studies of Social Issues SPSSI ( and secretary-general of the Intl Association on Gerontology and Geriatrics for the European Region ( - United Nations representative of SPSSI and IAGG since a decade.
  • Has co-directed the National Research Programme on ageing (interdisciplinary) for the Swiss National Research Foundation for 10 years
  • As a researcher, she has conducted many researches on different determinants of health in old age and their mechanisms throughout the life course for the  local authorities, the Swiss government and the European or UN.








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