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IESE Business School, University of Navarra, is dedicated to the training of professional managers in its campuses in Barcelona, Madrid and New York. IESE deploys the widest range of professional and training capacities in all managerial aspects related to corporate profit and non-profit organisations. Beyond the domain of technical skills, IESE‘s staff concentrates its teaching, research and consulting activities in specific sectors of the economy, thereby benefiting from the opportunity to produce first class, updated teaching material, develop current research topics and provide reality-rooted management advice. SDH-Net will involve the IESE Health Interest Group and CHRIM, bringing together expertises from operation management, economic, and knowledge management. The team shares profound knowledge of European and global health policy issues and has extensive experience in working with health authorities in different settings in Europe, Latin America, Africa and Asia. IESE will draw experts from its sister schools in Latin America and Africa and a large network of experts worldwide.

Main Tasks

Scientific coordination

Previous Experience       

The proposed project fits well into IESE‘s ongoing research into Public Health and Health Systems in Europe, capacity development, knowledge management, and innovation management. .It will also build on health management teaching activities in, Africa, and South America. Also IESE actively works on global health issues with the Brooking Institutions, the World Bank, Global Fund and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.


Staff Profiles

Magdalene Rosenmöller


MD, MBA, PhD (Health Policy)
Magdalene is adjunct professor at IESE. She is the academic director of CHRIM (Center for Research in Healthcare and Innovation Management) together with Jaume Ribera. She teaches health sector management, a MBA 2nd year elective course and a whole range of different health sector executive education programmes at IESE, at CEIBS, China and in Africa and South America. Working for two years as health economist at the World Bank‘s Latin American and Caribbean region, she is now leading health research projects in Europe and the developing world, with the European Commission and other institutions. She has been involved in Global Health projects with Brooking Institutions, Global Fund, the World Bank and the OECD.




MSc (Operations Research), PhD (Industrial and Systems Engineering)
Jaume is professor of Operations Management at IESE and holds the Port of Barcelona Chair in Logistics at CEIBS in Shanghai. He is the academic director of CHRIM (Center for Research in Healthcare and Innovation Management) together with Magdalene Rosenmöller. President of the European Operations Management Association, he serves on the Editorial Board of the International Journal of Operations Management and of Harvard Business Review, China. He holds a PhD in Industrial and System Engineering University of Florida and of UPC, Barcelona and a Master of Operations Research from the University of Florida. Current research interests include health systems, research and project management


Natalia Yankovic


Natalia is assistant professor of Operation Management at IESE Business School teaches in the MBA and Executive Education. She received a PhD in Decisions, Risk and Operations from Columbia University, New York and a degree in Industrial Engineering from the University of Chile, Santiago. Her research interests are in operational approaches for improving health care delivery efficiency, effectiveness, patient safety and satisfaction.


Lucinda Cash-Gibson



BSc Molecular Cell Biology, MSc Public Health
Lucinda has worked in the UK National Health Service on local Cardiovascular Service Improvement projects, and in Public Health, Health Systems and Evidence Based Medicine Research. She is currently working as a Research Assistant at IESE Business School, and is a collaborator of SDH-Net. Her research interests relate to Translational Research, Evidence Based Medicine & Health Policy, SDH & Health Equity, Health Systems Research & Integrated Care.


Marta Ribeiro

BS (Biochemistry) PhD (Biomedical Sciences)
Marta holds a Biochemistry Degree (Faculty of Sciences) and a PhD in Biomedical Sciences (Faculty of Medicine) from University of Lisbon, Portugal. She has over 5 years of research experience in Translational Medicine both in Academia (Institute of Molecular Medicine, Portugal; Hospital São João, Portugal; LIPPSO, Spain) and Industry (Synovo GmbH, Germany). Her previous appointment was as Project Manager and Business Developer in the Innovation Department of Hospital Clinic Barcelona.


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