Brief Description    

COHRED believes that national research and innovation capacity are key to health, equity and development. Strong national systems can use research to find solutions to health problems whilst promoting partnerships that can improve access to these solutions in a way that benefits everyone. Investment in these national systems generates sustainable health, equity and socio-economic development.

To support national research and innovation capacity development, we provide technical support for building strong research for health systems in low and middle income countries. Our support activities often include the analysis of the research system in place, leading to a better understanding of areas where strengthening efforts may be focused. Furthermore, we recommend specific strengthening actions and offer professional guidance in support to those actions in areas such as governance, management and coordination to advance national research oversight; priority setting to provide stakeholder input into the establishment of research agendas; and policy development to provide vision for national research development. We share our experiences with high income countries and their institutions, business and citizens – in support of their actions in low and middle income countries. We connect, advocate, and monitor progress towards health, equity and development through research and innovation in countries and globally.

Main Tasks

Development of strategic framework for capacity building in research for health and its social determinants (WP3)

Previous Experience      

Since its inception in 1993, COHRED engages at country level with all relevant actors concerned with research for health and innovation, including: research institutions and councils, ministries, civil society and the media. At the core of the COHRED programme is the need to better understand the needs of low- and middle-income countries; and how COHRED can add value by strengthening research for health and innovation systems.


Staff Profiles

Carel IJsselmuiden


Carel is a public health physician and epidemiologist. He has worked in rural medicine, peri-urban and urban health care and environmental health services, as well as in academic public health education and research ethics training. He has also published in various areas in applied research and public health. Carel was the founding Director of the University of Pretoria’s School of Health Systems and Public Health until his appointment as COHRED Director in January 2004. Prof. IJsselmuiden, as COHRED Director, is ex-offico member of the Board.



Carel IJsselmuiden
Executive Director
The COHRED Group
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