Instituto Nacional de Salud Pública (INSP)



Instituto Nacional de Salud Pública

Brief Description        

The INSP in Cuernavaca, Mexico, is the public health component of the National Institutes of Health of Mexico. INSP‘s broad research, academic, and service activities extend throughout the country and region. INSP has strong research programs, and maintains a highly acclaimed degree-awarding academic program, offering over 20 different degrees in public health.

INSP is an intellectual hub for public health learning and research for Mexican and Latin American professionals, and has ties to many programs in Latin America, Europe, the United States and Canada. The investigative scope of the INSP is broad and has a strong emphasis in health equity and social justice. The INSP has six research centers and a Public Health School. Personnel include over 400 researchers and faculty members.

Main Tasks

Project coordination

Previous Experience

The INSP has ample expertise in the development of networks and research groups; currently there are more than 30 ongoing international collaborations in different research and teaching projects.


Staff Profiles

Nelly Salgado
de Snyder

Picture of Nelly Salgado de Snyder


Nelly Salgado de Snyder is a professor and researcher at the National Institute of Public Health in Mexico (INSP), where she also directs the Global Health Program. She has conducted numerous research projects, and participated as international consultant for government and non-governmental institutions as well as national and international organizations. She has published over 100 journal articles, books and book chapters on topics such as international migration, aging, poverty and social determinants of health. She has received funding from diverse sources for her research projects and has graduated more than 30 students at master’s and doctorate levels.  She holds the highest level (Level 3) at the Sistema Nacional de Investigadores de Mexico, and is a member of Mexican Academy of Scientific Research, a Fulbright Fellow, a Fellow of the American Psychological Association, and a New Century Scholar of the Fulbright Program “Health in a Borderless World” lead by I. Kickbusch. In 2008 she was on sabbatical at the University College London invited by Sir Michael Marmot.


Laura Magaña

Laura Magaña has a bachelor degree in Education, a Master Degree in Educational Technology and a PhD in Educational Administration. Dr. Magaña has more than 30 years dedicated to higher education in public and private universities, UN  programs and NGO’s  as professor, researcher and with academic administrative positions in Mexico, USA, Latin America and Europe. Currently, she is Academic Dean of the National Institute of Public Health in Mexico.

Germán Guerra

Germán Guerra has a BA in Sociology and a MSc in Demography. Since 2006 he has worked on Social Science research projects in diverse public and private sector institutions of Mexico. He holds since 2012 a Health Science Researcher position in the Global Health Program of the National Institute of Public Health of Mexico. He has published several peer-reviewed scientific articles, book chapters and dissemination notes on topics such as labor and employment, health and migration, global health and education and social determinants of health. His research interests are focused on Global Health and its Social Determinants and Employment and Working conditions and their impact on health.


Nelly Salgado de Snyder
Global Health Program
National Institute of Public Health
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Col. Santa Maria
Cuernavaca, Mor. 62100
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