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News from an SDH-Net consortium partner: Ifakara Health Institute (IHI)

By Masuma Mamdani (IHI)

1. Masuma Mamdani and Sally Mtenga presented some key findings of Tanzania mapping report at Tanzania Public Health Associations 30th Annual Scientific Conference (Nov 25-29, 2013) on “Intersectoral Approach in Addressing Social Determinants of Health in Tanzania: Closing the Health Inequity Gaps”.

2. Two IHI researchers – Sally Mtenga and Angela Kimweri- have been participating in an INTREC (also responding to the EU-SDH call) facilitated online training on application of qualitative research methodologies in SDH. Following this they attended a short training of all online participants from other partner DSS sites in Ghana. As part of the INTREC project, Sally and Angela will soon be attending a one week capacity building workshop (June 16-20) hosted and supported by Harvard University (USA). The workshop is designed to assist scientists in moving from the data collection phase to data analysis and development of a journal article(s) for publication. Sally and Angela will work on datasets from their ongoing research involvements at IHI.

3. Masuma Mamdani and Fatuma Manzi have received sponsorship to participate and present of their research at the Third Global Symposium on Health Systems Research (Cape Town Sept 28-Oct 4). Masuma’s presentation is linked to the role of performance based financing on health worker motivation and related risks of increasing inequities. Fatuma will be presenting some findings from her ongoing research on how community health workers can be trained to save neonatal lives. For further information please refer to:

4. WHO Afro Office is coordinating a  technical consultative meeting to accelerate the response to address SDH in the Africa Region, 17-19 June. Masuma Mamdani has been invited to attend on behalf of IHI.

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