Work Package 2: Mapping research systems characteristics – stakeholders, institutions and ongoing activities


  • Map stakeholders/institutions, existing collaborations and linkages determining the research process and shaping the research systems at national and regional level involving the Latin American and African consortium partner countries.
  • Describe interactions and existing collaborations across sectors (researchers/research institutions - policy administrators - civil society representatives), disciplines and countries that can be strengthened in the context of and integrated into project activities.


Description of work

As an integral part of the needs assessment (phase 1), this WP informs the development of a strategic framework  for capacity building in research for health  and its social determinants. In this regard, needs and existing capacities relating to the research system, stakeholders and linkages are mapped and consolidated in national mapping reports combining mapping results corresponding to WP1 and WP2. The WP accordingly builds the basis for comprehensive and locally relevant capacity building measures in phase 2 of SDH-Net by pointing at capacity building needs and strength relating to research system factors and furthermore provides information for network strengthening.