Work Package 1: Overview of social determinants of health – from local to global Objectives


  • Describe research activities and evidence relating to SDH in the respective national/regional settings (scope of SDH research and research activities)
  • Identify areas where further research on SDH is needed/evidence gaps


Description of work

As an integral part of a needs assessment in phase 1 of the project, this WP informs the development of a strategic framework and concept for capacity building in research for health and its social determinants by providing a clear picture of the current state of research and scope of evidence, pointing at evidence gaps that need to be addressed in capacity building measures and thematic working groups and defining entry points for phase 2 activities. In this regard, information on research activities and the scope of SDH research is mapped and finally consolidated in a national mapping report combining mapping results corresponding to WP1 and WP2. The mapping exercise is guided by the analytical and conceptual framework for phase 1, which is developed as part of WP1 and seeks to define the scope and conceptual basis of the mapping exercise in phase 1.